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Botánika Beauty - Who are we?

Inspired by the botánica stores found across densely populated Latinx communities, Botánika Beauty was created to meet a social niche and link us to the beauty rituals of our past. We see beyond ingredients and instead focus on the herbs included in our products such as sabio (sage) to stimulate hair growth and laurel (bay leaf) to smooth the hair and add shine. Our brand is more than just a hair care line; it’s a collective that celebrates our beauty traditions with today's modern approach.

We are Botánika Beauty.

Hair Care is Self-Care. 

Botánika Beauty meets your hair care needs with the yerberia’s touch.

We’re changing wash day to self-care day: light a candle, run the water, and reflect as you mend, define, hydrate, protect, and revitalize your hair.

We as women are the symbol of love and wisdom. Embracing our divine feminine aspects allows for our own personal expansion.  As women, we can practice honoring all that is beautiful within us by celebrating the feminine qualities we bring to the world around us.


Botánika was created to honor and awaken
the inner goddess in you.

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About Ada

A proud Afro-Latina, Ada combines her background in marketing and public relations with her passion for beauty -- inner and outer -- to celebrate her Dominican roots and cultivate the Latina community at-large. For the last 10 years, she’s built a strong community of Vecinas through her digital platform

Ada’s unmatched dedication to hard work, her ability to truly connect with tens of thousands of women around the country, and her passion for beauty led her to meet and later work with Aisha Ceballos-Crump of Honey Baby Naturals.

Her dreams of creating a haircare brand manifested when she approached Aisha about a product collaboration and Aisha offered her an opportunity to create her own brand instead. In the summer of 2017, these two latina powerhouses joined forces and started to develop and create what is now Botánika Beauty. Through this new venture Ada hopes to change the face of the beauty industry while honoring her culture and showing the world the power of our often overlooked community.


About Aisha

A chemical engineer by trade, Aisha worked for nearly 15 years in the hair & skincare industry, developing products, formulas & marketing for several major brands.

In 2015, Aisha stepped out on faith and began working on her own products; one that she had been using on her own multi-cultural family for over a decade; one that was effective for the entire family to use; and one that consisted of her secret ingredient: honey. Since then, her family-focused hair and body care line Honey Baby Naturals has been breaking down barriers as the first Latina-owned hair care line in mass retail.

After a fateful encounter with Ada, Aisha decided to become her mentor and partner as the two joined forces to establish and create what is now Botánika Beauty. Through this new venture Aisha hopes to shake up the beauty industry while honoring her culture and showing the world the power of collaboration over competition.


We use natural herbs that you’d find at your neighborhood botánica.
Treat your hair like you treat your spirit.
Good Vibes Only. All day, everyday.


What remedio does your hair need?

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